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Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control  v.1.0

Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find discounted Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control resources at Bullet Lines. Easily find all the discounted Automatic Boat Stereo Volume Control you will need this season by

Volume Control  v.1.2

Volume Control resides in the taskbar next to the clock and replaces the standard volume control of Windows. With Volume Control, they can adjust the volume not only with the mouse over a slider control, but also from any application on the keyboard.

Freemp3_chung  v.1.0

freemp3_chung is a compact MP3 player with multi DSP (switchable automatic volume control, compressor, speed, reverberation, equalizer, with edit,save and load), playlist and repeats.It is written in compiled freebasic and uses

ZVolume Home 2006  v.4.0

ZVolume Home 2006 is a poweful nice replacement of the standard Windows volume control. It can be vastly customized, including change its look by skins.  v.1.0 is a simple and attractive audio volume control program in the dockapp form factor, intended for use with X window managers such as Window Maker, Blackbox, and Afterstep.

IRadioNet  v.2.01

Internet Radio Player to play and record streaming music from thousands of online stations or from local audio files . It includes features such as music playing and recording, channel handling, station db's, volume control, etc

Sencesa Free Flash Player  v.2.0

Sencesa Free Flash Player is a stand-alone player that enables Flash users to easily play their Flash movies (SWF, Flash files). Sencesa Free Flash Player offers a variety of playback capabilities (play, pause, stop) including volume control and the

Columns UI  v.0.3.1

A user interface for the foobar2000 audio player which includes the following features: * Columns in the default view of the playlist * Built-in volume control toolbar * Interchangeable elements through the use of panel and toolbar

ITrain for Mac OS  v.1.1

Offers an easy to use solution to control your model railroad with your computers, especially if you want to automate only parts of your layout and keep control of the rest yourself. For example automatic block control avoids collisions and you

Pan and Zoom for Mac OS  v.2.0.1

Plug-ins let you create the photo animation style made popular by Ken Burns with intuitive controls and automatic motion control that achieves stunning results without a single keyframe. - Works with image files in the most popular formats (JPEG,

CTrayNotifyIcon  v.1.65

The CTrayNotifyIcon class will encapsulate the Shell_NotifyIcon SDK call. This API is used to create those nifty little icons such as volume control you see in the tray notification area on Windows. The class hides a lot of the drudgery of calling

Listen: Modded MP3act  v.1.0

Web based music library (Mp3act 1.2:php,javascript and mysql) with some code injections: embedded flashplayer in jukebox mode, volume control, art cover search by getid3, folder,

MicroP  v.

A simple mp3 player with playlist and volume control , written in

QtAV  v.32.20130209

QtAV is a media playing library based on Qt and FFmpeg. Features: pasue, seek, play frame by frame, capture, volume control

NAT Spectrum Analyzer & Guitar Tuner  v.1.0

NATSpectrum is a skinnable Spectrum Analyzer, Guitar Tuner, and Quick Volume Control. NS visualization mimics WinAMP 2.x style. NS is written in pure Win32 C++ and uses DirectDraw and DirectSound. (FFT, Frequency, Mixer, Microphone, DirectX, PNG, Record)

Lisn  v.rc.0.3.102809

Lisn uses the JNI to interface with various media players(winamp/itunes) using either the COM interface or HWND calls. Allows intuitive interaction with the media players as well as a quasi heuristic algorithm for volume control(under development)

Windows CE hardware buttons remapper  v.0.2

A simple program that redefines the function of PNA's hardware keys (tested only on ViaMichelin X950). It allows task switching, volume control, closing applications and showing soft keyboard

Eve-Downtime+TeamSkeud  v.1.0

Tranquility servers Status for Eve-Online - Radio/Mp3 Player Volume Control with Teamspeak disp. dynamic bar(Only with Eve in window mode) & Display on window title bar. Mp3/WAV/WMA/AAC/OGG/Shoutcast/Icecast With Playlists & Radio Recorder

MasiJack  v.1.0

The goal of this project is to unify 3 tools into one software: - Simple control over Jack Audio Connection Kit. Start/stop the server, control multi-output volume control, start other software, etc. all by just selecting one of your stored ...

CatchUp Podcast Reciever  v.4.3

CatchUp is a simple, platform independent podcast client written in Java. It features an automatic cleanup of old files and an optional automatic volume adjustment using MP3Gain ( Java SE 1.6.0 or higher required.

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