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  • is a simple and attractive audio volume control program in the dockapp form factor, intended for use with X window managers such as Window Maker, Blackbox, and Afterstep.
  • VoIP SDK for Windows and Linux  v.3.0The most important new feature is the ability for the admin to record conversations to files. The admin can now also stream .wav files to clients. Volume levels can now be controlled by AGC (automatic gain control) so all users have the same audio ...
  • QtAV  v.32.20130209QtAV is a media playing library based on Qt and FFmpeg. Features: pasue, seek, play frame by frame, capture, volume control ...
  • Mp3player.el  v.1.9Emacs Mode for playing mp3 (and others music files formats) Include winamp compatible playlist edition mode, id3 tag edition mode, volume ...
  • Mediastreamer  v.2.6.0Mediastreamer2 is a powerful and lightweighted streaming engine specialized for voice/video telephony applications.
  • PulseAudio Mixer Applet  v.0.2.2A per-application volume control panel applet for GNOME ...
  • MAD Newton  v.1.0MAD Max is an MP3 player for Newton MessagePads 2000 and 2100.
  • Guitar FX BOX for Linux  v.1.0.0kalsamix is a full-featured mixer for ALSA and KDE.
  • GNOME Media  v.2.29.91GNOME media is a collection of utilities for simple multimedia handling on the GNOME desktop.
  • CatchUp Podcast Reciever For Linux  v.4.2CatchUp is a simple, platform independent podcast client written in Java.
  • MP3Roaster  v.0.3.0MP3Roaster is a Perl hack for burning audio CDs out of MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and WAV files.
  • Dvdspanky  v.1.0.10dvdspanky is a CLI tool to convert video files into DVD compatible MPEG streams.
  • ABTO T38 Modem for Linux  v.1.0ABTO VoIP SIP SDK offers a number of features that is.
  • NowPlaying (improved)  v. best way to read this is by opening the README and.
  • Autofan  v.0.2.1autofan is a very simple and light daemon written in C that automatically controls fan speed,.
  • ATunes Pro  v.2.1.01aTunes Pro is a complete program specially developed for playing and managing all your music and videos on the computer. You can also manage and sync any external audio/video device as if you were using an iPod.
  • Automatic Home System : AUTOHOME  v.6AutoHome(Automatic Home Management System) to schedule Television,DVD,and any Infrared based devices(Roboraptor and RoboSapien)to work automatically.Can Send(transmit)/Recieve Remote Control Signals, launch EXE files in Computers/PC .It uses USBUIRT.
  • ApPHP Multilevel TreeMenu Control  v.3.0.0The PHP TreeView Control is a PHP script that generates multilevel tree menu control. It was specially designed for web developers. Tree menu is one of the most popular and commonly used navigation controls and it allows you to set up and use it.
  • PHP AdminPanel - Website Administration Control Panel Script  v.3.0.4PHP Admin Panel (PHP AP) provides you access to the control features of your site as creating static or dynamical pages and allows your easily manage database tables with embedded PHP DataGrid. It includes Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting ...
  • KinderGate Parental Control  v.3.1KinderGate Parental Control combines URL- and content-filtering. It provides high accuracy web filtering with extremely low false detection rate. KinderGate blocks resources related to malware, porn, drugs, terrorism, abusive content, etc.
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